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Welcome to Windham NH Newcomers and Friends

As the early Americans enjoyed the adventure of exploring their new surroundings, they developed a deep respect and appreciation of the bounties and experiences presented to them which cannot be any greater than when shared with their fellow tribe members.

We too, as members of the Newcomers Club and the wonderful community of Windham, that the process of discovery and exploration is so much greater when shared with a friend.

There was a time for you to leave your old world behind and time to come to new lands for new adventures. Explore the history of the town including its own “gems”, magnificent castle and landmarks, or enjoy the natural beauty of the local shores and trails. A diversity of shopping, dining, and entertainment await you. All can be enjoyed with fellow members and friends.

Whether you are the one who needs to unpack, settle in and take care of business before doing anything else, or the one who prefers to drop their packing cartons and run right out to have some fun, we are here for you.

Inside, you'll learn about the great activities that are available to you with Newcomers. You'll find helpful, in-depth details about the surrounding area, plus pertinent information about your new home's many amenities and features.

Of course, if there's anything you need that's not covered on the following pages, all you have to do is ask. After all, that's what we are here for - to make sure that this new change is everything you ever dreamed it would be ....and more!

Whatever you need, just call or email and help is on the way.

Happy adventures to you!
   Our Mission
"Windham Newcomers & Friends is a non-profit group whose ultimate mission is to promote social activities for women who are new to town, as well as to established residents who would like to form new friendships and expand personal interests and activities.”

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